Haven’t been excited about a game winner in the playoffs NBA Kawhi Leonard fun guy new balance shirt. Best NBA playoffs in a long time. You really get the feeling any of the 4 teams left can win it all. I’m a Sixers fan so of course I’m disappointed but for any player team, that is one fun way to win a game. Good for them! That bounce on the rim then drop for a game 7 series win is best NBA last second shot ever. Love how quiet the stadium got, then just exploded! So cool. As a Bucks fan, bring ’em on!! Should be a good series though. I loved it. LeBron ended their series and now they traded for a player to end another teams series with a similar shot. Just loved it! But they won’t be distributing Top Fan badges. Those are saved for the truly elite. As a Top Fan, I’m well-versed in these matters.

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