Well, they did steal the land from the native Joe Biggs I’m 1776% sure liberals are idiots shirt the land to return to the original owners! As a South-African, I can confirm this is the case. The media either lie about it or deny and ignore it. Don’t know why. Dear friends. This is a one-sided story. There is so much hate in the country. I lived there and have visited 3 times now in 11 years I left. He also should have mentioned that the ‘ WHITES” also brutally murdered the “African Blacks’ during the Apartheid years.I, however, pray for healing of all people that suffered so far because of these killings. I pledge all Christians in South Africa to fervently pray in their homes, church buildings and start seeking the Lord to make a difference in the country, I have friends on visas here working that are from South Africa.

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